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Regular membership

The membership fee for 2020/2021 has been determined by the annual board meeting at:

·        Adults: 1200 SEK/calendar year (January-December).

·        Children: 120 SEK/calendar year.

When applying for membership, it always means a commitment with a full annual fee, even if the member leaves the community after less than a year. If you do not pay on time, a reminder fee and any collection costs as well as interest will be added.

To apply for Regular membership, email

Special membership

The Church of the Conscious Movement knows that life has both highs and lows, which means we offer Special memberships, which is a free membership specially designed for those families who are particularly hard-pressed economically and cannot afford to become members otherwise.

What is required to apply for the free Special membership is that you submit:

·        personal letter

·        personal reference that can substantiate your statement

·        copies of income data and declaration of previous years.

·        leases or similar.

·        Special membership is tested at the beginning of each year by the Board of The Church of Conscious Movement, and all information is treated confidentially.

All memberships are renewed automatically, which means that you also need to terminate your Special membership before the end of the year if you no longer meet these requirements and no longer want to be a member. Special membership may otherwise switch to regular membership if the member’s ability to pay is improved at the next examination.

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The Board of The Church of the Conscious Movement


The Conscious Movement believes that the food we eat, the nourishment for our souls holy temple, should be as pure and clean as possible from toxins, chemicals and manipulation.

The Conscious Movement also believes that being healthy comes from eating non-toxic and organic food, and that everyone has the right to choose this diet.

This means that all families have the right to eat accordingly to their dietary wishes, be it vegan, paleo, gluten free, dairy free or additive free, that resonates with them and maintains high frequencies in their bodies. In cases where our members have children in institutions like schools or under medical care,  these dietary choices shall be accepted without the need for a medical certificate or any other form of documentation.

We believe that the individual have the right to choose which diet is nurturing their body, the holy temple of their soul. This diet should be able to withstand the energies that occurs under the increase in frequencies that arise during the evolution of the soul and the body’s energy system.

The food we eat should be non-toxic and should not have been manipulated. GMOs are considered and something that we strongly oppose.


Your own body, the holy temple of your soul, is a sacred vessel which must be cared for and protected.

The Church of the Conscious Movement strongly believes that the individual has the right to make their own decisions based on our values regarding the choice of treatment when it comes to sickness and preventive health care.

The Church of the Conscious Movement also believes that humans are created as fully functional holistic beings and do not require any form of medical interference, medication or injection unless the individual so wishes.

Medicinal drugs or pharmaceuticals containing or created from dead humans or animals, like vaccines where aborted fetuses are used, are considered toxic since it lowers our frequencies. They should not be used on adults nor children.

Organ donation is allowed since it’s coming from a living human body that has given its permission for the donation.

The mineral fluoride affects the pineal gland in our brain and disrupts our connection with the omniscient universe. We consider fluoride to be a toxin that should not be used by adults nor children.

The blood is the vitality of the physical body and should be remain pure and clean under all circumstances. Keep it free of any contaminators like animals parts, animal blood or injected viruses.

The Church of the Conscious Movement believes that parents acts as deputies of the All-Knowing when it comes to the care of their children. The parents makes decisions that are in the best interest of their children accordingly to our beliefs and they cannot be questioned since there is no authority higher than the individual soul, which is an extension of the All-Knowing.

It is also our belief that good health is achieved by letting the body work daily with physical training that fits the individual’s needs, physique and desires.

The Church of the Conscious Movement strongly believes that the individual has full autonomy over its body and its health since the physical body is the holy temple of the soul and all questions regarding the physical body can only be decided by the soul possessing that body.

The Church of the Conscious Movement believes that decisions about the physical body should not be based on fear.


The Church of the Conscious Movement believes that when a child is born the soul that choose that body and those parents should be greeted into the world. The clamping of the cord should be delayed for at least half an hour, or longer if the parents so wishes, until the umbilical cord quits pumping. If possible we suggest choosing a lotus birth, which is the practice of leaving the umbilical cord uncut after childbirth so that the baby is left attached to the placenta until the cord naturally separates at the umbilicus. This gives the physical body of the baby the best possible conditions to be a vessel for the high frequencies of the soul.

The Church of the Conscious Movement is also of the opinion that every woman determines over her own body since the body is the holy temple of the soul. She should not be stressed during birth, but in a calm atmosphere. This means that she will be safe in knowing where to give birth if she chooses to do so in a hospital. She should also be able to choose to give birth at home, or in another place, with the same assuarance. Women carry all the wisdom of the world in their wombs which we consider to be our holy grail. They should be honored for their motherhood and be treated as goddesses in human form.

The Church of the Conscious Movement wants to emphasize once again that the body is a fully functional unit as well as the temple of the soul and we should therefor avoid any injections or samplings on newborns unless there are grounds for this interference that the parents approves of.

The Church of the Conscious Movement strongly believes that all souls are equal. We want every individual to be respected, The Church of the Conscious Movement does not accept the hierarchy structure that has been set in place in today’s society because the soul cannot be controlled.

The Church of the Conscious Movement believes that the soul has the right to a warm and safe farewell when the elders time is right and in a way that corresponds with their own way and wishes. The Church of the Conscious Movement therefore demands the elder’s right to a safe environment. We emphasize once again that the individual is entitled to choose the best diet and environment for them.

The Church of the Conscious Movement wishes to examine more alternatives for a conscious funeral. These funerals could mean burial sites where the ashes have been placed in a recyclable urn together with a tree. 

The Church of the Conscious Movement encourages cremation since it is more environmentally conscious and better for the Earth Mother.


The Church of the Conscious Movement views love as the unification between souls, and we see gender and sexual orientation to be irrelevant when it comes to marriage or good parenting.

The Church of the Conscious Movement does not acknowledge any paraphilia such as pedophilia or zoophilia as sexual orientations, but as sexual disorders.

We strongly oppose child marriage and believe that marriage can only be entered in consent between adults.

Incest, rape, or any other form of sexual pressure from another individual is strictly against our views on human behavior and not accepted.

The closest family ties we approved for marriage is between cousins.


The Church of the Conscious Movement offers collective or individual gatherings for meditations where we connect to the universal power of the All-Knowing, our own life force, and to the infinite wisdom of our souls. This is done through various means of communications for those who are not able to attend in person.

The purpose of these gatherings are to educate and disseminate knowledge about the wisdom of the souls as well as our physical bodies as the holy temple which we support with a sustainable way of life towards humans, animals and nature and all of its connections, both conscious and unconscious.

We hold lectures on what to avoid in the form of pesticides and toxins, as well as how to best manage our physical, mental, and spiritual health through diet, physical activity and awareness.

The Church of the Conscious Movement advocates social equilibrium that strives for a sustainable development and  opposes environmental degradation. Humans are allowed to use nature but never to interfere or use violence against it since all living things are a part of the same entity and the Earth Mother is the place of residence for our human bodies.


The Church of the Conscious Movement celebrates the seasons of nature and thus the ancient holidays such as Midvinter, the winter solstice, and Midsummer, the summer solstice.


The Conscious Movement welcomes members who want to learn how to live according to consciousness. No one is forced to belong to The Conscious Movement and its members can upon their own initiative freely terminate their membership in The Conscious Movement. Children in Sweden who have turned twelve (12) years of age can not become a member in a religious community or have their membership terminated without their own consent. Any member who abuses the name and/or purpose of The Conscious Movement or in any other way breaches the statutes or objectives of the community can be excluded and have their membership terminated by the board. The excluded person has the right to appeal the decision at a members meeting where the excluded person also has the right to vote. Members pay a yearly membership fee which among other things goes to the ongoing expenses of the community upon decisions made by the board. If there is a surplus after all expenses have been paid the board can decide to support other honorable purposes with certain amounts. The membership is for one year at a time with an automatic renewal. There is no notice needed. The membership fee is determined every year at the annual meeting where the majority of the board must approve of any change of the fee. Paid membership fees can not be refunded.



Decisions within The Conscious Movement are made by the board at the board meetings and at least three (3) of the ordinary board members must be present and attending.

The board shall always consist of a minimum of four (4) ordinary board members. The roles of the four board members are; one chairman who has an overseeing role; vice chairman whose role includes taking on the role as chairman in case the main chairman can not attend or in some other way is unable to carry out his or her duties; a treasurer who takes care of the financials of the community which is accounted for at every board meeting when changes in the financial flow can happen; a secretary who records all information at the board meetings and who makes sure that the agenda for the meeting is being sent out on time before next meeting is to take place. The top decision-making authority in The Conscious Movement is the board.



The activity year for The Conscious Movement is a calendar year; January 1st to December 31st.



Dissolution of The Conscious Movement requires a unified decision with a qualified majority at two consecutive board meetings whereof one must be a regular annual board meeting. Between these meetings at least two months must pass. The remaining assets of the community will be dispensed after a decision has been made at the final annual board meeting.


The annual board meeting will be held once per year upon decision by the board and the summon for the meeting shall be communicated to the members of the community no later than two weeks prior to the meeting.

Members own the right to give suggestions and proposals for subjects and matters to be processed and attended to at the annual board meeting. Proposals shall be submitted in writing no later than ten (10) days before the meeting. The agenda of the meeting and other documentation shall be provided to the members of the community no later than seven (7) days prior to the start of the annual board meeting.

During the annual board meeting the members get to vote for their elected members through the suggestions presented by the election committee. The elected members then become the board of the community.



If the accountants, the board or 1⁄3 of the members of the community demands it, an additional annual board meeting shall be held. A summon will then be sent out to the members no later than two weeks prior to the meeting along with the agenda and the decision data. Only the questions that have lead up to the meeting can be attended to during the additional annual board meeting.



Membership meetings for members shall be advertised no later than fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting.



The highest executive body in The Conscious Movement is the board.

Decisions within The Conscious Movement are made through the board at the board meetings where a minimum of three (3) regular board members shall attend.

At the board meetings simple majority is applied. The board members each has one vote and the founder has two votes. Majority of votes determines a decision in the matter. In cases where equal votes occur, the matter is postponed until the next board meeting when voting will take place again. The process will be repeated until majority in the matter is accomplished.

At annual and membership meetings simple majority is applied. When equal votes occur the chairman decides, except when in personal vote.

The board is elected with suggestions from the election committee prior to the annual board meeting with the original founders of the community to prevent any organization with dubious purposes to enter The Conscious Movement and cause destruction and disunion. Candidates for the board is chosen by the election committee prior to the annual board meeting. The board is elected at the annual board meeting by the members of The Conscious Movement. The election committee is chosen by the the board no later than two months prior to the annual board meeting.

The existing board has the right to elect two new members during the year without the assembly of an annual board meeting. This is to enable the mission of the board and to enable that the minimum number of regular board members can attend meetings when decisions are being made.

The founder of The Conscious Movement can never be elected or voted out of the board.

The board receives an annual emolument (fee) calculated on the number of members. The emolument is determined at every annual board meeting.

Any changes in the statutes will occur through ordinary or additional board meetings where no less than half of the board plus the founder must attend. These decisions must be agreed upon through simple majority. The founder has the veto right to accept or deny any changes.

Members of the board of The Conscious Movement can choose to attend a meeting through telephone or for example Skype. These meetings must be recorded by taking notes.



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